Network Operations Center

The architecture of the Network Operations Center (NOC) was specifically designed to support multi-vendor and multi-carrier networks on a common platform. Our hardware and software are configured for compatibility, scalability and reliability. This provides accurate and consistent delivery of incoming information and alarms to the NOC for faster response times.
  • The NOC, based at the company’s corporate offices, provides 24-7-365 monitoring for all active DAS networks and interfaces directly with each customer's own network
  • The NOC offers a secure, web-based interface currently monitoring networks with real-time status, including geographic coordinates, network configuration and access to network health reports
  • Constantly enhancing our monitoring capabilities and being highly responsive to customer requests is a priority for ExteNet Systems

The NOC is responsible for the following:

  • Node Network Monitoring
  • Fiber Network Monitoring
  • BTS Hub Security Monitoring
  • Advanced Remote Diagnostics
  • Network Event Notification and Resolution
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Network Health Reporting

ExteNet Systems maintains and publishes a recall list in the event of severe network events. Generally, the NOC is the first and only party required to respond, but open issues will be escalated to the appropriate level as needed to resolve the problem.

If you are a customer of ExteNet Systems, please sign-in at our Customer Portal for access to the Network Operations Center. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at the telephone numbers shown on the right hand column.

Node Network Monitoring
Every node is connected into the NOC onto our common platform. All alarms are added to our extensive database where points of failure are mapped and coded. Our internal processes allow us to further dissect incoming alarms to help pinpoint devices and causes for quicker problem-solving.

Regular polling of each network is standard practice along with fully supported SNMP and IP-based alarm messaging. The NOC actively monitors all alarms on each of our networks and follows a strict procedure from identification to resolution of the problem.

Fiber Network Monitoring
The fiber cabling is the lifeline – or backbone – of each DAS network. Optical detectors at the nodes and BTS Hub provide status of the fiber performance. When an optical receiving (Rx) level falls below a set threshold, an alarm is received at the NOC and appropriate action is taken to correct it as quickly as possible.

Advanced Remote Diagnostics
The NOC also works with our customers to assist them on testing, upgrades or changes to the DAS network. Our remote diagnostic tools allow the NOC staff to calibrate optical and RF parameters and view hardware test-point information.

Network Event Notification and Resolution
In the event of a planned or unplanned outage, the NOC follows a standard procedure to notify all appropriate parties including the customer’s national and regional NOCs, local switch centers, utilities and/or law enforcement.

ExteNet Systems will cooperate with all authorities to ensure a safe and speedy resolution to the problem. Once the problem has been resolved, all parties are notified and a post-mortem report is generated and distributed.

Trouble Ticketing
All network events, RMAs (return merchandize authorizations) and scheduled maintenance are processed through our trouble ticketing system. The NOC maintains all internal and external trouble tickets.

Scheduled Maintenance
Routine and preventive maintenance for each network is scheduled and coordinated by the NOC. Maintenance is performed regularly, event-based or as-needed. All maintenance is scheduled in advance and coordinated with the customer and our maintenance crews. If necessary, immediate maintenance issues can be handled by the NOC’s engineering staff.

Network Health Reporting
The NOC can generate network health reports to provide a summary of all network events specific time periods, as well as overall network and node-by-node statistics.




Our NOC Contact Information

Network Operations Hotline
(866) 892-5327

Corporate Office
(630) 505-3800

Corporate Fax
(630) 577-1332


The Network Operations Center operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.