Healthcare Facilities Get a Booster Shot for Connectivity

ExteNet Systems gives healthcare facilities a booster shot for improved wireless service.

Doctors, emergency responders, patients and their families stay connected with the installation of ExteNet’s indoor distributed network for use by wireless carriers. Given the reality that 94 percent of physicians already use smartphones, a lack of reliable and robust wireless service can severely impede internal healthcare operations.

Ubiquitous, seamless wireless communications in a healthcare facility offers many benefits. Electronic medical record (EMR) systems automatically log streaming updates from remote patient monitors, aggregate data and provide a summary analysis to the patient’s physician. The clinician has virtually real-time access to all necessary information to order clinical workflows. Furthermore, wireless connections free the patient from wired point-of-care bedside monitors and reduce the clutter of cables and wires.

ExteNet moves the wireless signal closer to the user, which greatly improves the user experience. Innovation to use mobile technology to improve healthcare is accelerating, and this momentum can impact building plans and designs. The infrastructure for distributed wireless network technology is becoming a priority in the planning stages of any new facility or renovation and will deliver substantial savings and efficiencies for many years to come.

Simi Valley Hospital Improves Wireless Coverage

As part of its new vision for healthcare, Simi Valley Hospital in Ventura County, California invested millions of dollars to enhance the healing environment at its world-class hospital with a 144-bed Patient Care Tower. Simi Valley is one of 17 hospitals in the Adventist Health system.

Hospital administrators also wanted to improve wireless service inside the building so that patients, visitors and healthcare professionals could easily utilize their mobile devices inside and outside the hospital. With the installation of ExteNet Systems’ indoor distributed network for use by wireless carriers, the new facility enables mobile communications to keep doctors, emergency responders, patients and their families connected.

Mobile phone service is a must-have for on-call doctors and medical staff, as they rely more on mobile devices today than ever before. Not only can they keep in contact with clinics and patients to ensure responsive care, they also receive ongoing access to important text messaging, emails, and other types of critical healthcare data. With this network in place, physicians can now respond to patient needs in a timely manner while patients and visitors can keep in touch with loved ones – both important components of wellness and recovery.

For Simi Valley Hospital, ExteNet installed the network with its patented iDuct® technology, which uses small wireless antennas distributed inside the HVAC metal ductwork. These antennas are then connected to the distributed network equipment. The result was minimal disruption to healthcare operations during deployment and maximum satisfaction with improved wireless service.




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