Outdoor Networks

Enabling Advanced Mobile Connectivity with
Outdoor Distributed Networks

ExteNet’s Outdoor Distributed Networks enable mobile connectivity and superior wireless service in urban, suburban and rural settings. ExteNet works with national, regional and rural wireless service providers (WSPs) to enable mobile connectivity for the multitude of users and subscribers on each WSPs mobile network.

Outdoor Distributed Network nodes are typically located on existing municipal infrastructure like utility/telephone poles, street lamps or traffic signal poles which provides a high density of potential site candidates. The ability to place Distributed Network nodes almost anywhere makes these systems perfect to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to serve, require coverage enhancements and/or require significantly higher network capacity.

These networks are ideal for communities with zoning requirements designed to maintain a certain aesthetic environment. Low-powered and small form-factor antennas, which in many cases become oblivious to the human eye, are connected to a communications hub designed to facilitate services for multiple WSPs. Distributed Networks are an increasingly growing component within the mobile network ecosystem as these networks provide superior aesthetic and economic benefits besides addressing targeted coverage and capacity needs.

ExteNet takes a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to designing and building Distributed Networks. Our carrier-class Distributed Networks are architected to be future-proof to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate technology advancements. ExteNet has a focused and highly experienced Community Relations team, including ex-city planners, who work with Municipalities, Local and State Governments, Utility companies and the various Communities where ExteNet builds and operates its Distributed Networks to enable mobile connectivity.

Key Benefits of ExteNet's Outdoor Distributed Networks

Multi-carrier and multi-technology (CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE) support

Improved Quality of Service in areas inadequately served by macro cell towers

Increased network scalability & rapid provisioning of additional network capacity and advanced wireless services

Enhanced spectrum utilization and improved network performance

Time to Market advantages due to the leadership of a dedicated and highly experienced Community Relations team

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

To learn more about how ExteNet Outdoor Distributed Networks can address your needs, send an email to outdoor@extenetsystems.com or call 630-505-3800.

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